Cultural Studies

Germanic (Germany)

Beliefs & Customs The Love of Destiny: the Sacred and the Profane in Germanic Polytheism by Dan McCoy – Epic Sagas The Nibelungenlied translated byDaniel B. Shumway – […]

Cultural Studies

Brittania (Britain)

Boudica/Boudicca Boudicca, Britain’s Queen of the Iceni (The Legendary Women of World History Book 1) by Laurel A. Rockefeller – Boudica Britannia 1st Edition by Miranda Aldhouse-Green – Gods […]

Cultural Studies

Gaulish (Gaul)

Ancient Fire: An Introduction to Gaulish Celtic Polytheism by Segomâros Widugeni (Author), Manny Tejeda-Moreno (Editor) –âros Gods & Goddesses CHAPTER III. THE GODS OF GAUL AND THE CONTINENTAL CELTS […]

Cultural Studies

Cornish (Cornwall)

Folk Lore & Faerie and Folk Tales Cornish Ghosts and Legends: Compiled from William Bottrell’s Traditions and Hearthside Stories of West Cornwall by William Bottrell – Cornish Feasts and […]

Cultural Studies

Breton (Brittany)

Folk Lore & Faerie and Folk Tales Folk Tales of Brittany by Elsie Masson – The Legend of the Sunken City in Welsh and Breton Tradition by James Doan […]

Cultural Studies

The Burning Times

Malleus Maleficarum (1486) translated by Montague Summers – DÆMONOLOGIE by KING JAMES the FIRST (1597) and NEWES FROM SCOTLAND (1591) – The Witch-Persecutuions, from translations and reprints from […]