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Food & Cuisine – Bronze/Iron Age to Medieval Times

Bronze Age: Food –


Ancient Celtic Fare –

Celtic Food –


A History of Irish Cuisine (Before and After the Potato) by John Linnane BSc, MSc. –

Food in the Early Middle Ages, Celtic Ireland, Part I –

Food in the Early Middle Ages, Celtic Ireland, Part II –

Diet in Viking-Age Ireland –

Honey in Iron Age Ireland –

Excavations and Experiments in Ancient Irish Cooking-Places by Michael J. O’Kelly –

Fulachtaί Fia and Bronze Age Cooking in Ireland: Reappraising the Evidence by Alan Hawkes –

Hot Property: the Morphology and Archaeology of the Irish Fulachta Fiadh by Emer Dennehy –


Archaeological Finds of Ninth- and Tenth-Century Viking Foodstuffs –

Building and Using a Medieval-Style Hemispherical Bake Oven –

Viking Food –

Food in Iron Age Finland –

Viking and Medieval Baking Instruments –

Seeds and Roots of Wild Plants as an Extension of Flour –

Traditional and Medieval Bread Recipes –

Viking Age Garden Plants from Southern Scandinavia – Diversity, Taphonomy and Cultural Aspects by Pernille Rohde Sloth, Ulla Lund Hansen & Sabine Karg –

Food, Diet, and Nutrition in the Viking Age –

Food in Viking Times by Vikingeskibsmuseet –

A Viking Feast, an Abundance of Foods –

Nordic Food is Viking Food –

An Early Meal a Viking Age Cookbook and Culinary Odyssey by Daniel. Hanna Tunberg Serra –

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